Bystrictin Weight Loss Review – Ingredients and Safety

There are a number of programs that claim to be natural weight loss programs out there, and it is important to give each of them a critical look before you choose one specifically. In this article, we’re going to explore a supplement known as Bystrictin.

What is Bystrictin?

Bystrictin is a weight loss supplement that has several claims under its belt. Here are the two most prominent claims that they make.

  • The supplement says that they “bypass your appetite” so that you are less hungry. It is estimated that those taking the supplement eat up to 70% less than they were before taking the supplement.
  • The supplement claims to create an immediate gastric bypass effect, without painful and expensive surgery. Gastric bypass surgery is surgery that is said to “shrink your stomach” so that you eat less, so that’s the claim Bystrictin is making.

These are quite interesting claims, and deserve to be looked at a bit more.  The claim to having a bypass effect is pretty big, so the issue is to see whether or not those claims are true. The first place to look is what is inside of Bystrictin.

What is inside of Bystrictin?

There are a number of different ingredients inside of Bystrictin are believed to work together to encourage appetite suppression and weight loss. Here is a quick overview of each ingredient:

  • Whey and Soy Protein. Whey and soy protein help weight loss by making you feel full, but these are not the main ingredients, so it is uncertain what their roles are in the supplement.
  • “Bariaxin.” This is a “gastric fill technology” that was trademarked by the creators of the supplement. It contains several fibers, including Fibersol, Glucomannan (also known as Konjac root or PGX), and Potato Extract (better known as Slendesta). These work together to create the “full” feeling that you usually expect from the Whey and Soy Proteins, and the Bariaxin is the main ingredient.

So there’s nothing really special about this weight loss supplement. Sure, no one has ever tried these particular proteins together in a supplement before, but that doesn’t necessarily insinuate that the product is any different than any other protein based weight loss supplement.

How is it supposed to work?

Bystricin comes in a powder that you add to water in order to make a chocolate-flavored diet drink. You put a couple of teaspoons into water, and then drink it at the beginning of the day. It’s rather simple, really.

Apparently, the claim from the company is that the soluble fiber inside of Bystrictin is supposed to fill your stomach up with this gel. This gel is meant to block off part of your stomach, therefore only leaving a minimal amount of space for food. If it truly works this way, then it is similar to gastric bypass surgery, because the point of that surgery is to make your stomach “smaller” so that you are less hungry and you eat less.

So does it work?

This is the most important question of all: does it actually work? After looking at what people have to say about Bystrictin, there is reason to be skeptical. There hasn’t been any published, peer reviewed research done on the product in any way. Even though the product is approved by a doctor that is known for her research in the weight loss realm, there’s not a ton to go on.

Is it worth a try? Perhaps, that’s up to you. It just needs to be out on the market longer and research has to be done with it. Even if you’re skeptical about the gel in your stomach idea, the amount of fiber in Bystrictin is enough to make a good case for it being a product that actually reduces your appetite.